First Post, New Theme

Here we are, yet again testing out another WordPress theme on the ol’ blog. Will this one stick? That is the time old question. I’ve imported some incredibly old Blogger posts which may or may not make sense, but I figured I should have them some place for archival purposes. So what is this post about? Well, let’s use it as an opportunity to show off a set of cool “photography” themed playing cards.

I’m not joking; these playing cards are gorgeous.

I came across these cards on Kickstarter in the middle of 2020, and after watching the initial demo video, I knew I had to have them. Not only were they some high quality cards, each of the numbered cards have some sort of useful photography tips, facts, and advice.

Not only are they incredibly useful techniques and general photography information, but they’re very well done. The designs and graphics are clean and easy to understand.

But wait. There’s more.

Now when it comes to the face cards, these are less informational, but more entertaining. Just look at the Jack taking a portrait photo!

Face cards doing their thing.

So yeah, they’re pretty darn fun. The creator of these cards already has a second Kickstarter going for a similar set. This time, the theme is photo editing.


The playing cards are a great addition to any photographer’s household, and I hightly recommend them. These cards can be purchased online here:

Photography Playing Cards (COMBO) – Travel9to5