This could be our new mailbox

So, we are now “in contract” for a house ( I posted a picture of it in my previous blogging.) Exciting stuff. We’ve just had a bunch of inspections done on the house with another one to happen on Monday. And after that, well, we make our final decision. We’ll have all of the inspections and disclosures to make our FINAL final decision. At this point, we’re both pretty sure that we like the house a lot and are capable of handling the few, little things that need to fixed around the place.

We visited the house yesterday, and everytime we go, I like the house more and more and I get even more anxious. After the last inspection on Monday, we’ll be in a kind-of lull where we are just waiting, and waiting. In the meantime, Evelyn and I (mostly Evelyn) have been putting together a list of items that we’d need for the house. Fridge, washer, dryer, couch, stuff like that. We already have lots of little things, but no big stuff. Which is ok… We knew that going into this home purchasing event.

Stay tuned for my next update!