Still looking at homes

Most of you probably know that Evelyn and I are looking at homes to purchase (I use that term loosely.) Well, we’re still looking. We’ve come across a few decent ones, but we’re finding that most places require a certain amount of compromise. A place might be in a great neighborhood, but needs lots and lots of work. Or, maybe the house looks great, but is in a crappy neighborhood. Or, and this has often been the case, the home is crappy in a crappy neighborhood. Distance also plays into the equation with these homes. But once in a while, we’ve encountered a home or two that is actually a pretty ok compromise. Not too far from things, or if it is farther, the home is really nice in a good neighborhood.

The picture attached is of a home we like in North San Jose. It’s well kept, on a large lot, but it’s really, really tiny. Just under 900 square feet. But it’s very cozy, is in a great, quiet neighborhood, and is on a corner lot.

Another house we are interested in is closer to Los Gatos/South San Jose. It’s about 1300 square feet, huge lot, and an also quiet neighborhood. However, it needs a lot of work. A lot. New wiring, plumbing work, new carpets, and lots of other little things. It’s a tough choice for us since we both know the possibilities with this home are great; it just would take a lot of time and money to get it where it should be. Thankfully, we’re not in a huge rush to go anywhere… So we could always take our time with a project like this.