ah… the engaged life

Well, I finally did it.  It took almost 5 years, but I did it.  I finally popped the question.  And in that time span, Evelyn and I have seen at least 3 or 4 couples meet, date, and marry all inside our relationship thus far.  But we’re happy that we’re not in too much of a rush (not to say that anyone else was.)  And we’ve got lots to plan from here on out.  Evelyn’s already started looking at wedding favors, invitations, and cakes… the important stuff of course!  We’re both very excited to start this new chapter in our lives together; it’s gonna be fun!  We’re looking tentatively at a winter wedding sometime next year.

Additionally, we’re looking into moving out and purchasing a home of some sort.  At this early stage, we’re keeping our options open as we peruse through condos, town homes, and single family houses.  Obviously we have a budget and don’t want to spend a million dollars on a home (it boggles my mind that there are so many homes that are 1,000,000+.)  Again, we’re looking forward to finding a place… hopefully sometime before we get married.  Ultimately, as long as we get away from these damn birds, I think both of us will be happier.  (I swear, I hate them.)

Well, lots to do today, so I will leave with this:

My Proposal Video

That’s the link to a video of me proposing to Evelyn after our final Pigeon Players show on July 24th.  It’s a free place to host the video, so it can be confusing.  Just click the link, scroll to the bottom, and choose “FREE”.  Then scroll back to the bottom and wait for around 20 sec for the link to appear, then download away!