Just an Oil Change

Here I am at 9:00am. Why on earth am I awake this early on a Saturday?! Well, I needed to get an oil change. I’ve been putting it off for too long, so I decided to finally get it over with. To top it off, I had a feeling I was going to need new tires. How would I know? I’m no car expert. Although, last time I got my oil change, they told me, “you need new tires.” I guess that tipped me off.

I was preparing myself, going into my local Firestone (which I will write a Yahoo! Local review of after I get my car), and thinking that if I needed 4 new tires that it’d be ok. I can splurge on new tires. When it was my turn, the guy at the counter greeted me, asked me what I needed done. I said, “I wanted to get an oil change. And possibly some new tires, if I need them.” Right, like they were gonna tell me I didn’t need them. Marty (his name is Marty) goes to check on my car and write down stuff, comes back, and tells me that I need new tires, but I could stretch them if I wanted to. Ha! I’ve been stretching them since they told me last time!

After giving me some options, I went for the tires. I also opted for lifetime alignments for my car. I hope to take advantage of that. (I will.) Anyway, he’s telling me the total, something like $647 or so. And, I’m like, “WAIT! … I have a coupon.” I bust out this coupon for my oil change which saves me about $10 and boy do I feel proud.

I sure showed them.